Custom software and web design

Custom software and web design! Yes! Ubicomp solutions is proud to be partners with both SME's and established enterprises. We help provide business solutions through development of custom software and web design. Our team of software developers are experienced and have the technical ability to deliver quick turnaround and top quality custom software and web design projects.

Our custom software and web design leverages the current advancement in technology. At Ubicomp solutions we take pride in the ability to delivery our custom software and web design projects within set timelines. Our approach to software development is customer centred, meaning the client is briefed by the software developers on the progress during the life cycle of the project.







custom software and web design
custom software and web design
custom software and web design
custom software and web design
custom software and web design
custom software and web design


Custom Software Development

We are very proud to work with both start-ups and established businesses. Our team of software engineers are ready to assist you at every stage of software development cycle - from conceptualization to design and development and support. Our expertise in software coding extends across different platforms eg software for Windows. We also develop Office 365 add-ins for solutions in Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint etc.

Web application Development

Our team of software designers are highly experienced in building web software. Whether your preference is server-side scripting or client-side scripting, our team has the requisite skill to meet your needs. All our web developments adhere to Responsive Web Design (RWD) principles meaning your content will be readable across 4 device widths. We don't just do 'website making', we use the latest technologies, meaning you web software is more secure.

Mobile application Development

Solve your business problems and attract users by using our expertise in mobile apps development. We build native, hybrid and cross-platform apps that run on all major operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows. So whether your mobile application is for a specific market, for promo campaign or for long-term use by your customers and staff, our team of software engineers will offer the solution.


Custom software and Web design in Bracknell, Crowthorne, Wokingham, Ascot, Reading, and the surrounding areas

Ubicomp Solutions has both online and physical presence. We design and develop website for our customers through online contact, however those around our physical office are privileged to meet with us face to face to discuss and receive feedback about their projects. Our customers living in Bracknell, Crowthorne, Wokingham, Ascot, Reading, and the surrounding areas are thus privileged to come to our offices and discuss their web design, receive feedback on their web development projects. We are therefore both local software engineering and local web development company with a global presence.

Custom software and web design plus - Office 365 add-ins e.g. PowerPoint Timers!!!

Ubicomp solutions is not only focused on custom software and web design, but we also building Office 365 add-ins like PowerPoint timers. Our PowerPoint timer branded as Ubi Timer is an easily integrated and customisable PowerPoint timer that can be inserted into any PowerPoint slide. Our PowerPoint timer can be used in classroom presentation by teachers, students can also use our PowerPoint timer in their presentations and the PowerPoint timer can also be used in the corporate world for professional PowerPoint presentations. Ubi Timer for PowerPoint presentations can be downloaded a the Microsoft Office store at this link We value our customers and we guarantee unlimited support - check the PowerPoint timer page for more details on how you can purchase a licence.

Custom software and web design plus - Vehicle Management System!!!

Visit our vehicle management system (VMS) page for more information on how to download or try our free demo.. Purchase our Vehicle management system get a free driver management system and scheduler for free.

Our Vehicle Management System branded as ‘Ubicomp Vehicle Management System (VMS) is unique in the market because it is easily customisable, meets the DVSA expectations and standards and can be linked to other systems. Ubicomp Vehicle Management System is the most affordable and value for money VMS in the market.

Ubicomp vehicle management system is built to provide an effective maintenance system which includes all the necessary features as laid out by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and other relevant enforcement authorities.
Ubicomp vehicle management system provides ease of access to all relevant data in one place, including: safety inspections; unplanned maintenance and inspection reports.

Custom software and web design plus - GDPR Compliance Management Tool!!!

Ubicomp Compliance Management Tool aims to help small and medium businesses achieve the GDPR compliance with minimal effort. We have specifically laid most emphasis on the provision of evidence on compliance and the ability to prove your organisation is compliant in real time
A free demo of Ubicomp Compliance Management Tool with full functionalities can be viewed at

Custom software and web design plus - Agency portals and classroom management software!!!

We also develop bespoke agency portals for both small businesses (SME's) and establish businesses. We are proud of being part of the solutions to the businesses with whom we have fostered very cordial relationships. Visit our agency portal pages and classroom management software pages for more information.