Resources Organiser

Resource organiser is a Windows Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app that is specifically designed for those working in the education sector. It is built on the premise that sharing of good practice is fundamental in ensuring a sustainable culture of success in any organisation.

Think about it, in schools, colleges or any other institution of learning, there are excellent practitioners who produce brilliant and inspiring resources. But, is there a systematic way of curating these resources? Unfortunately, such resources are often used and then consigned to the parking bay of retired resources. Meaning other people within the organisation might not have the chance to learn from these wonderful practitioners and reuse these resources or simply use them as templates. In organisation where sharing of resources in encouraged, there is usually a levelling up of standards and the sustainance of good practice.

Resorg (Resources Organiser), has been designed to allow the sharing of resources within departments, faculties etc. It allows for the categorisation of resources by:

  • Departments/Faculties/Subject area
  • Level of studies e.g. Keystages, K-12 etc
  • Year groups
  • Unit of study/Modules
  • Topic
  • Creator of the resource

  • Getting a licence
    Resorg is available freely at the Microsoft Store. However, the free version has a limit to how many departments or resources an organisation can upload. Idealy the free version provides the user with the opportunity to try the app and once they are satisfied with the functionalities, they can buy a full licence. A full licence is £69 pa.
    We provide databases for those who may not be able to set up one for themselves at a cost of £20 pa. You will pay for the database at the checkout and once your order is confirmed and payement made, we will email to you the details you need to operationalise your database.

    To get to the checkout, you will need to acquire the app first from Microsoft store. Then initiate the purchase from within the app.