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Why Ubicomp GDPR Management Compliance Tool?

Are you worried about GDPR documentations? Worried about not complying? The GDPR compliance management tool helps you keep a tab on every GDPR expected documentation, giving you more time and space to run your business.

GDPR Compliance Management Tool built for small and medium businesses is designed to alert you of any compliance issues,  for example, not meeting the regulatory timelines and deadlines. The GDPR provides the following rights for individuals: The right to be informed, the right of access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, the right to object and rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling. Individuals have the right to be informed about the collection and use of their personal data within thirty days of making a request. With the GDPR compliance tool, you are always ready for such requests because:

  • You will have mapped your data flow and known where, what and who is holding and processing individual’s personal data.
  • You will have Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) for every project therefore demonstrating compliance by design.
  • You will have established the basis for processing personal data and special category personal data.
  • You will have at your fingertips, all the details of data controllers and processors.
  • You will have system to managing consents and keeping electronic copies of consent documents, thereby helping you with the compliance expectations
  • It will provide you with an up to date list of countries that are EU compliant in case you share data with third countries.
  • When there is a breach, you will have an up to date and compliant records to send to the ICO whether it is an interim or full breach notification.
  • You will have records of all individual rights requests which are trackable, and alert issued whenever there is a compliance issue.
  • You will have a log of all evidences relating to rights requests, consents etc
  • In compliance with staff training and awareness, you have an integrated training database.

The GDPR compliance management tool enables you to set tasks and will alert you of any task that is incomplete. It also offers an integrated communication functionality making it communication between the DPO, the controllers and processors a lot easier.

Ubicomp GDPR Compliance Management Tool – Freebies

As a token of appreciation, we provided free templates to make your compliance journey even easier.

Even better, there are no subscriptions, you only pay a one off and affordable purchase price for the software. This comes with free support and updates.

Ubicomp GDPR Compliance Management Tool – real time evidence

There are other GDPR compliance management tools out there, but are they value for money? Do these GDPR management compliance tools offer just what small and medium businesses require to achieve the compliance threshold? Are they instead adding unnecessary burden in the name compliance? Ubicomp Compliance Management Tool is unique because it aims to help small and medium businesses achieve the GDPR compliance with minimal effort. We have specifically laid most emphasis on the provision of evidence on compliance and the ability to prove your organisation is compliant in real time.

Ubicomp GDPR Compliance Management Tool customisation

One of the unique selling proposition of Ubicomp GDPR Compliance Management Tool is the fact that it can be customised to meet your unique individual needs. We allow this knowing that even though, bespoke software have many advantages over and above off the shelf software, it is often the odd or the missing one or two functionalities in the bespoke software often pulls down its worthiness. At Ubicomp Solutions, we have an open door to customisation of our software albeit, at an additional fee. Please email us at sales@ubicompsolutions.co.uk for more details.

Ubicomp GDPR Compliance Management Tool affordability

Ubicomp GDPR compliance tool is affordable in comparison to other GDPR compliance management tools or GDPR compliance software out there in the market. At only £380 for the full software licence, you get more than the money spent. Added to this is the unlimited support during the lifecycle of the software.

Ubicomp GDPR Compliance Management Tool Free Trial

Even though we are confident that Ubicomp GDPR Compliance Management Tool is not only affordable but if of high quality and provides a high level customer satisfaction, we understand that the our customers would like to first test the GDPR compliance management tool before formally purchasing software. We are therefore giving our esteemed customers the privilege to test Ubicomp GDPR Compliance Management Tool for fifteen days freely with not expectation to commit to a purchase at the expiry of the trial period. It even more heartening to know that the trial version of Ubicomp GDPR Compliance Management Tool, offers full functionality of the software. Please email us at sales@ubicompsolutions.co.uk if you have questions during your trial period.

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