Ubi Timer is a product conceived from many years of frustrations with standalone timers and timers made from countless animated slides. Ubi Timer is designed to make your presentation run smoothly without having to worry about graphical interference from the embedded timer. You can plan ahead and place Ubi Timer on the slides where you would like to be timed, or you can simply count up. Ubi Timer is easy to launch and use. It is launched from the Office 365 -PowerPoint or other versions of PowerPoint from the ‘MyApps tab’ from the ‘Insert menu’. We have produced a videos that help demonstrate how to get the best from Ubi Timer. Take a look. Please report any issues with the timer to office@ubicompsolutions.co.uk

Getting Ubi Timer from the office Add-ins Catalogue

Downloads at

  • Select 'INSERT' from the PowerPoint menu
  • Select 'myAddins' tab from the insert menu
  • Select Ubi Timer from your add-ins list
Your timer should now launch on to the slide currently being edited.