Web Development


At Ubicomp Solutions, we are proud to be partners with SME's and to be a great part of entrepreneurial journey. Through our expertise in web development, we help them create a commanding online presence by building not only affordable websites but also creative, top of the range web apps. Our team of web developers are highly experienced in building web apps and collectively have many years experience in web development.

Web development has been revolutionised in the recent past, giving consumers of web design an array of choices. Whether your preference is server-side scripting or client-side scripting or you simply want a content management system (CMS), our team has the requisite skill to meet your needs.

As a SME, one of the immediate goals is the penetration of a market and creating an online presence. Your website is most likely to be the first point of contact with your prospective customers. Therefore, investing in a professional and attractive website will make your business stand tall among your competitors. A sleek website to shore up your image or an internal web application to help manage staff resources or any other like resources are no longer options or luxuries but bare necessities.

Our web development pledge!

We’ll work with you to quickly and intelligently build a powerful, intuitive web apps that your target audience will want to use. Our approach is client centred, meaning we use our expertise in web development and design to help your visualize and create actualise your dream website.

Web development in Bracknell, Crowthorne, Wokingham, Ascot, Reading, and the sorrounding areas

Ubicomp Solutions has both online and physical presence. We design and develop website for our customers through online contact, however those around our physical office are privilleged to meet with us face to face to discuss and receive feedback about their projects. Our cusotmers living in Bracknell, Crowthorne, Wokingham, Ascot, Reading, and the sorrounding areas are thus privelleged to come to our offices and discuss their web design, receive feedback on their web development projects. We are therefore both local software engineering and local web development company with a global presence.

Responsive web design ensures that your website is visible in all devices without compromising your site's  look and feel.

We have expertise in Social Media Management, Search Marketing including Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Advertising and Online Reputation Management.

We would like to talk to you about your design or project. Drop us an email or just give us a call.