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Are you looking to provide an environment where students learn at their own pace, have less dependance on the teacher? Are you a non-subject specialist and worried about delivering technical lessons such as computer science?

UbiClass is a computer based learning platform that enables the teacher to plan ahead, gives the student the opportunity to learn at own pace without needing constant help from the teacher.

Why UbiClass?

  • Promotes independent learning.
  • Less call-out for help by students.
  • More time with the students who need help most.
  • Students can work at own pace.
  • Class task are easily assessed and stored in individual student's mark book.
  • Tasks can be set and collected electronically.
  • Feedback is done electronically and stored with the students work within the system.
  • Students can be paired/buddied for individual tasks.
  • Paired students are able to see each others work and leave comments.

Whether you are a subject specialist or a non-subject specialist, you will discover how valuable UbiClass is. UbiClass allows you to plan your lessons in advance and store the lessons within the system. Your students will then be able to able to access the relevant lessons when the lesson is due to be taught. This is great because your lessons will be deliverable even when you are absent - non-subject specialists are able to deliver the lessons without any problems or worries about technical challenges. This makes your lessons easier to cover and even greater, your students can continue to learn at the same pace even when you are absent.

Monitoring progress

Ubiclass makes it easier to monitor students progress. Whenever tasks are set and assessed, the system will automatically record these and store them in a tracking marksheet for the class. The teacher is then able to pull the stored grades and generate a class or individual report. Besides this, UbiClass has also an inbuilt quiz making tool.

Task setting and collection

UbiClass lets you set tasks and when these are completed, students are able to send them to a designated folder where the teacher will be able to view them. The teacher is then able to assess and feedback to the students who in turn reads and reflects on the feedback.

We would like to talk to you about your interest in UbiClass. Drop us an email or just give us a call.